Alberto Repetti’s Birorama: Real and Irreal Landscapes at the Coningsby Gallery: Imparted Realities

via Alberto Repetti’s <em>Birorama: Real and Irreal Landscapes</em> at the Coningsby Gallery: Imparted Realities

By shanewattband

Shane Watt’s cities take on organic forms, much like a bloodstream, clotted with city blocks. Peculiar names are given to nearly every building, city street, body of water and park. “Mindful Islands”, “Static Parks,” and “Vision Lakes,” leaving peacefully with the “Good Bye” store and the “Signs of Tomorrow” building. Expect his cities to alter their orientation once you are inside them, traversing invented names and references to real places, the whimsical texts and lines of locations leave us disoriented, while comforted by that which might be familiar, and eager to explore what is not.

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